My camera?

My camera?
2016-10-09 Philippa Davin

It’s time to answer all your questions about my camera equipment.

If you have any more questions, next time I will answer more personal questions so if you have any now is the time to ask. 😉

Question: When did you buy your first camera?

Answer: I can’t remember my first camera, as long as I remember I have always been taking pictures. Though I do remember my first DSLR camera, I got it as a birthday gift when I turned 13 from my parents. I bought my first full frame camera when I was 21, before that I used my Canon eos 7D which still is one of my favorite cameras!

Question: Which one was your first lens that wasn’t bought in a package with a camera?

Answer: My first lens I bought was my Canon EF 70-200mm|2.8L.

I was in heaven when I got it!

Question: What camera and lens do you mostly use?

Aswer: I always use my Canon eos 1D X. Sometimes it feels like it’s my best friend, we spend so much time together.

My most used lens is definitely my Canon EF 70-200|2.8L

“That time I needed a tripod but all I could find was my assistant” 

Question: Which one is your favorite lens?

Answer: I LOVE my Canon EF 300|2.8L. It’s to die for!

To use it for action shoots is amazing but also for portraits, it can definitely bring a special feeling to it.

Although I have to say that my absolute favorite lens is my macro lens, Canon EF 100|2.8L Macro IS USM. I have a thing for details and with this lens the result is always breath taking!

Question: How do you know which lens to use?

Answer: That’s always a hard choice. First I have to ask myself the question, what the photos will be used for? After that I want to know if I’m going to be moving around or mostly standing at the same place? Then I can make a decision, most of the time I bring a few different lenses and I change during the shoot.

Question: Do you always use the same lens for the same occation? 

Answer: No I don’t. I like to change lenses to try and find new angles. I try to switch lenses as much as I can, the same object will always look a little bit different depending on which lens it is you’re using.



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