PD Golden – The story

The story behind PD Golden


PD Golden is an artwork series combining Fine Art photography and a unique carefully developed gold leafing technique. These hand-crafted artworks are made with 23 karat gold and the world’s most precious metal, the chemical element, palladium with the symbol PD. These artworks are truly unique, creating a depth that emulates the feeling of a 3D artwork and each artwork is a limited edition of 3.

These artworks came to life from my longing of including new materials in my Fine Art collection. I’ve always found the process of creating my artworks enthralling. In (photography) school one of my favorite classes was printing techniques and developing, this is something that has been with me since then and helped me through the process of creating my art. My first exhibition in 2014 was carefully put together with everything I was taught in school and since then I have always had a plan behind every photo, from start to finish, always thinking about
how the picture would look in print.

The search for new ways to create my art is always with me and one of my favorite places to spend time is at the print lab and studio. I started exploring what I could do with real gold and wanted to incorporate it into my art.

A lot of questions appeared like:
Would I need to change anything in how I take the pictures?
What do I want to enhance in the photo when the final product is going to be a gold artwork? Should I change anything in the lighting? Does the horse’s coat color or length give different results? How is this done? What printing techniques do I need to use to be able to combine it with precious metal? What kind of glass do I use?

It’s been a long process developing this series, countless hours spent analyzing different techniques, materials and outside factors. Every factor from brush strokes, the type of hair on the brushes, different brushes for the different layers, temperature and humidity is measured in every step and determine what the results will look like. Every step has carefully been developed and tested over these past years and I find the process very exciting and the result even more exciting.

The final artwork is made in 14 different stages.
In the beginning of 2018, the first three pieces in the series of PD Golden were