2016-08-23 Philippa Davin

New art collection!

A while ago I had an idea, an idea I’ve finally been able to accomplish!

For almost two years now I’ve been working on this project and last week I showed it to the public for the first time.

My idea was to create a new art piece, made with my photography but also with my paintings and that’s how this new collection UNITY was born!

I’m very proud to show you the first art pieces in Unity that are now available to order!

Elegant - Blue with a touch of pink

Elegant - Pink

Elegant - Brown&Blue

Elegant - Green

Elegant - Copper

When I live, I fly - Blue

When I live, I fly

Soft - Blue

The art pieces mentioned above will be available to order in three different sizes.

50×70 cm, 70×100 cm, 105×150 cm. – Prices start at 5 599 SEK.

For more information and prices please email philippa@philippadavin.com

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