Painting time!

Painting time!
2017-06-26 Philippa Davin

I had the best Sunday yesterday, I spent it in the studio painting and working on my upcoming art collection. It was a perfect end to this midsummer weekend, which is a big holiday here in Sweden. It started on Friday midday and was going on until Saturday. I celebrated midsummer at my friends summer house on the swedish west “best” coast.

My newest project that I am currently working on has nothing to do with horses, it is something uniqe and a brand new style. It is a long process to create an art collection, sometimes I feel like it is going very slow but I am getting closer and closer to start the first test printing and I am beyond excited!!

My way of relaxing when I am painting is to have a tv show running in the background, a hot cup of coffe in my hand all my paint tubes surrounding me.

Stay posted to be the first one to see what this collection looks like!

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