Tokyo! Part 2

Tokyo! Part 2
2016-05-16 Philippa Davin

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We got done with everything a little while before the show was about to open.
All the pieces where up on the white wall that had my name on it, the labels where up under neath every photo and we had organized with all the information about me as an artist and the story behind every art work.
I walked around for a sneak peak to see some art from the other artists, that was when I saw all the people lined up outside the doors. So many people where waiting to get in, to see our art, to see my art.

The music filled the show room and the three Geishas that was standing in the entrance were busy handing out champagne to every guest entering the show.

I had no expectations for how it would go, what the respons would be with my art in Japan but my booth was packed.
The best part was when my Grandma Lillemor, my friend Christoffer Adriansson and his family came, they had traveled all the way to Tokyo for my art show! Just amazing!

The rest of the evening past in what felt like minutes. I met a lot of interesting people this weekend, new friends, potiental buyers and new associates.

A lot of people took the time to sit down in my booth and read the story about every art piece that was carefully selected for the show. I will release them here on my blog during the following weeks.
Every viewer that looked at my pieces asked me ”Do you like horses?” Probably not to hard to tell if you look at my work. hehe

The favorite piece that was asked most about this weekend was not the one I thought it would be, it was Inner Soul that was the one who caught peoples attention!

Now it’s only a few hours left until my trip here in Tokyo ends, it’s been a crazy last day here and I will tell you all about it soon!

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