Mc Ride?

Mc Ride?
2016-07-10 Philippa Davin
Philippa Davin

I often get the question, why horses? How come you have focused your photography to horses?

When I grew up, I was like many other girls always thinking of horses, talking about horses, wanting to be around horses. Horses horses horses that was my world! So it is not a big ”coincidence” that I work with horses today. I got my first horse when I was 11 years old, a beautiful little chestnut pony named Silver Hill Queen.

Actually I think my eye for photography came to life because I always wanted to capture special moments and all the adventures I had with my horses.

Golden Extra

I look back on a few moments, when I wish that I had already been a photographer at the time, so I could have captured those special moments. They will always be in my memory but still, It would have been fun to have a good photo of some of my adventures. Like the time three of my friends and I decided it would be a great idea to try a ”Mc Ride”! Yup, you read that right, Mc Ride! The stables where we had our horses at that time was pretty close to a Mc Donald’s and one day we felt like having a Big Mac, or was it a Happy meal to match our happy day? It was a very cold winter day, the air was feeling like crisp crystals, so fresh, so cold, so we couldn’t stay away from ordering a hot chocolate to our hamburger. Talk about a weird combo, has anyone tried it? When we rode up to the ordering machine the horses were doing very well, they were calm, it was almost like they knew this would be a fun adventure. By the time we came up to the first window the girl about to help us got a little shock, she just stood there, quiet and looked so surprised. It was so funny!

What is your best horsie memory?

I loved my time riding and competing! I thought I would spend the rest of my life on the back of a horse but unfortunately I had to stop when I was 16 years old because of medical problem which I will tell you all about, but in another post!

One of the things I appreciate the most from growing up around horses is the time I got to spend with my family, and all the friends I got to know through our love of horses, some are still my closest friends today. What do you guys love the most about #EquestrianLife ?

One of my ponies, Cruachan and I on a competition

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