A dream coming true

A dream coming true
2018-01-20 Philippa Davin


I’ve always found the process of creating my artworks enthralling. The search for new ways to create them is always with me and one of my favorite places to spend time is in the print lab.

In the beginning of the summer of 2017 I came up with the idea to incorporate other materials into my art and I started to explore different options. I’ve always loved gold and I decided to try and create an artwork that was partly transparent so that you could see the gold shining through the fur of the horse. Since then I have worked on how this could actually function in practice. Questions such as: How will I be able to hang the piece? What kind of gold should I use? How do I apply the gold to get it the way I want? Like a handcrafted artpiece. It took me four months to find solutions to all these problems by trying different solutions. The printing process is made in three stages to get the right transitions between the highlights and shadows, after that I hand plated  the 23 karat gold in a process of four stages, then the piece has been carefully polished and mounted on to a black acrylic board. Finally, in the beginning of 2018 the First three pieces in the series of PD Golden were created.

A few behind the scenes photos

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