PD Fine Art

PD Fine Art
2021-09-19 Philippa Davin

Exclusive Fine Art made with the most precious metal in the world!

PD Golden is an artwork series combining Fine Art photography and a unique carefully developed gold leafing technique. These hand-crafted artworks are made with 23 karat gold and the world’s most precious metal, the chemical element, palladium with the symbol PD. These artworks are truly unique, creating a depth that emulates the feeling of a 3D artwork and each artwork is a limited edition of 3.

To learn more about the PD Golden collection, made with the most precious metals in the world click on the button below

Limited edition art.

A small selection of available artworks by Philippa Davin.
Every artwork is custom made after your preferences of framing. With over 10 years experience in framing and printing we create artworks with the highest quality.
Philippa Davin Fine Art has been exhibited multiple places around the world.
Please contact Philippa for full art collection and more information,
philippa@philippadavin.com, +46 (732) 671 228.

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