New artworks!

New artworks!
2021-01-17 Philippa Davin
Philippa Davin and her equestrian art

During this pandemic I’ve been faced with a lot of challenges regarding my art collection that I make with real gold. 

It has been very hard to get a hold of all the materials I need to be able to create these artworks. 

Because of this issue I had to start doing more research about everything related to this art collection. After countless of hours spent in the studio doing test after test with detailed analysis I’ve come up with a new product that I’ve never been more proud of. It consists of a combination of my photography and the most precious metal in the world, Palladium. 

Have you heard of palladium? 

Palladium is a precious metal that is more rare than both Platina and Gold. Palladium is a chemical element with the symbol PD and has the atomic number 46. Working with palladium has given me the possibility to take this collection to an even higher level!

I am very excited about where this art collection is going and I am looking forward to exhibit these artworks to all of you in real life when the pandemic is over. 

Here is one of my first pieces made with palladium and from working in the studio.

Philippa Davin Fine Art, Equestrian art

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