Snow photography

Snow photography
2014-12-29 Philippa Davin

Have been longing for snow all christmas and it is finally here!

So how do you do to take good pictures of the horses in the snow? You have to plan your photo a little bit more with snow then without, how do you want the exposure? If it is a dark horse and everything around the horse is snow it can be hard to not get the snow all blown out.

When you want to take a good photo with the right exposure you have to put the focus exactly where you want it, and then I usually work with the exposure level mark. The exposure level mark lets you see how far away from standard exposure level you are.

When I photograph snow I usually put the exposure level -1/3 to save me from getting the snow blown out. Try to play around with the exposure level mark, I use it a lot as a little help when I photograph on semiautomatic, AV/TV (canon) and I think it is great!

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