Seb Coe Champions Day

Seb Coe Champions Day
2016-07-20 Philippa Davin

When the alarm went off on Saturday morning the first thing I thought of was if the weather outside was nice. Diana and I carefully opened the curtains. The little detail I should mention is that we were in England and let’s be real it’s not sunny there that often, at least from my experience this summer.

You could see the sun trying to shine through some light clouds outside and it looked like we would have a beautiful day on The English countryside!

We started our little rutine to get ready for the Sebastian Coe Charity Polo Trophy VIP lunch supporting Cancer Research UK: painting nails, doing make up, doing our hair, deciding what to wear. When we were done getting ready it was time for our first task of the day: fit all our things in to the teeny tiny trunk of our convertible car, it consisted of suitcase, camera bag, computer bags and the list goes on. Fitting it all in the trunk was literally impossible, so half of the things had to be packed on top of me. But on the upside, the sun was shining and we could take the top down, so we drove with the wind in our hair and the radio blasting.

When we arrived at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, where the lunch and polo would take place for the day, we went to the Marquee to check that everything with all my art pieces was as it should be. I was delighted when I walked in to the marquee. The setup was so pretty, the tables were set with beautiful centrepieces of flowers, there were decorations hanging from the ceiling and a total of 12 pieces of my PDFineArt collecting were hanging on the widest wall adding to the elegant
decoration of the room.

At 11.30 am the champagne bottles were popped one after the another and guests started to arrive, everyone was dressed in beautiful dresses and outfits. They were all mingling around the auction items where my art piece Majestic was prominently displayed. I donated this piece to be in the auction to raise money for Cancer Research UK. After a few sips of champagne and mingling we headed over to the grandstand by the polo field for the exhibition Polo match between teams X and Y.

The sun was shining bright, everyone was sitting at the grandstand with a glass of champagne in their hands enjoying the weather and watching the magnificent sport of polo.

After the game and the prize-giving ceremony was over it was time for lunch. The room filled with people and everyone gathered around their tables, we had a very nice welcoming speech from Jamie Morrison the Chairman of The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and shortly after Sebastian Coe himself welcomed everyone and introduced the live and silent auctions to raise money for the Cancer Research UK.

Diana and I were both wearing pink, “the pink girls” was our signature for the day, which also made it easy for people interested in knowing more about my art to find us.

After all the fancy food and champagne  it was time for us to change from our pink outfits into more practical clothes to take down all my art again and pack them back in to their boxes.

After about three hours of work the two wooden boxes, were finally ready,
packed with all my art pieces and ready to be shipped back to Sweden.

I couldn’t have done this week without Diana helping me out! If you haven’t already you need to go and check out her amazing blog, PoloPeoplePlaces

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