Polo in the park!

Polo in the park!
2016-06-09 Philippa Davin

I arrived in London Wednesday evening and the second I walked of the train at Victoria station in London I couldn’t belive how cold it was! For once Sweden was the country that was warmer, that is not something you come along very often!

Thursday morning I met up with Diana (Check her blog Polopeopleplaces) and we were going to hang my art pieces at Polo in the Park. She helped me out with all the preparations for the event!

When we arrived to Hurlingham park we saw people everywere trying to get everything ready for Friday and the first day of the event! The field was smaller then a normal polo field and this field was covered with different resturants, bar’s, VIP tents, you could tell that this was going to be an exciting weekend! The large grandstand where up and waiting for all the spectators to sit down and watch the games!

The first thing we did was to locate my art! They arrived the day before and I was very nervous that they wouldn’t get there safe and sound. When I saw the two large brown packages with fragile signs all over it I immediately relaxed a little.

After four hours we where finally done and all my art was decorating the entrace to the VIP area! It looked really good! My art piece ”Glory” was the one that got the most attention and it wasn’t a surprice! It’s my most sold piece and I only have edition 9 and 10 left until it’s sold out!

Waking up on Friday morning I couldn’t believe how cold it was! How were we going to survive being outside all day? We decided we had to go and by warm coats and I’m so glad we did! Saturday got a little better, we could hint the sunshine trying to brake through the thick layer of clouds and when Sunday came along the sun was finally shining bright, the temperture had rised and it was the perfect polo weather!

When Sunday evening came and the event was coming to an end we were all pretty tired, but it was almost time to start packing all my art that was going to get shipped back to Sweden!

I got help from Susanna, Astrid and Christin who all stayed to organize all my art. They started to take down the smaller art pieces while I tried to build a box where the larger pieces would travel in. The way I produce my art is unique and have become very popular, the only thing is that they are fragile! So fragile! I am nervous every time they are out traveling the world!

Now I’m waiting for them to arrive at my studio in Sweden, hopefully safe and sound!

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