Next –> London!

Next –> London!
2016-06-01 Philippa Davin

I’m counting the hours to board the plane to London! I haven’t been in London since I lived there in 2013. I studied photography at Speos Photography Institute and my time there is the foundation of my work as a photographer! I can’t wait to visit some of my favourite places in London! The first thing I will do is definitely go to Hummingbird bakery, it’s just the best little café with the cutest cupcakes and everything is pink, can it get any better than that? A brunch at the Ampersand Hotel wouldn’t be bad either! I used to live right next to it and we went there for brunch a lot, maybe even a bit too often, but how can you not when it’s so good!

This time I am going to London with my art work, which will be decorating the VIP area at Chestertons Polo in the Park inside the Hurlingaham Park from Friday until Sunday. I am very excited to experience this event, since I have heard so much about it, especially from my friend Diana, who blogs about polo over on She will be attending the event for the fourth time!

The polo at this event will be quite different to the polo I am used to spending my time around and photographing. The field is smaller and there are only three players on each team instead of four. This makes it a more spectator friendly game and the rules are also changed to make it less confusing for us spectators. The players and ponies get very close to spectators standing by the boards surrounding the field and you can really feel the horsepower when they’re galloping past you!

I am bringing seven of my art pieces that will decorate the VIP tent, after a very tough selection process I finally chose: “Glory“, “Freeze“, “Running wild, Running free“, “Majestic“, “The Chase“, “Focus” and “Free your soul“. Almost all of these are polo inspired, exhibiting the true power within these magnificent animals! Veins pumping, nostrils flared and hooves kicking up the turf whilst speeding across grassy fields, to get to the ball as fast as possible!

Majestic” is one of my favourites, it is a portrait of a polo pony waiting on the sidelines for its rider. The horse is at peace, calm and relaxed, but the second the rider gets on the pony the strength shines through. Exactly like a polo pony should be, as if the rider is the starting key in a car, it turns on the power and it can accelerate in super speed!

Photos by Philippa Davin

Photo: Philippa Davin

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