If you have to choose?

If you have to choose?
2016-06-23 Philippa Davin

How many times a day do we have to make a choice? It can be big or small, but you still have to make a choice in how to act or what to do everyday?

Do I want a smoothie or a sandwich for breakfast? How many more days can I wait to make that phone call I’ve been needing to do.. Should I shop for my dinner party before or after work? Should I visit my grandma today or can it wait till tomorrow?

Everyday we are faced with multiple choices that we have to make. Today, this choice would fit in to the category “pleasure”, it is a choice that you face because you chose to. It isn’t about life or death, it’s something that can hopefully bring more joy to you and your home!

If you had to choose one of my art pieces in the gallery below, which one would you pick to hang on your wall in your home?

Please comment and let me know which one’s you favorite?

Photo: Philippa Davin

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  1. Hanne Wilhelms 8 years ago

    I’d hang Whisper of a wind in a white painted hall with dark tiles, no bigger than A4. A large print of Free your soul I’d hang in the living room above the television. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Silje 8 years ago

    Power over the bed in our monochrome bedroom.. And Majestic in the library on the oppsite wall of my favourite chair to look up at when flicking pages 🙂

  3. Kelsey 8 years ago

    If Majestic was just a little bit sharper, that would be Mt absolute favorite. But I’m going to have to go with Focus. Some of the ones you have from the Queen’s Cup are wonderful…would love to see more candids of those!

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